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Id22: Institute for Creative Sustainability Michael LaFond+Vasylysa Shchogoleva DIY+DIT Workshop took place during MEET UP! on the September 21+22 and brought together German, Ukrainian and Russian participants. The main agenda for these few days was the urban democracy and each participant found their own way to approach this theme. Since the event was short in time, it was decided to be active and do things, instead of just discussing them. Therefore, participants have been armed with different magazines, brochures, paper, scissors and glue. They were conveying their ideas through collages and a short title. In order to learn more about the themes and the agenda of the workshop, please, visit the Workshop page at the MEET UP! official web-site.
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Mikrorayon Future

This project became a logical continuation of the thesis New Vision for the Sleeping Blocks which aimed to revive the life of the neighborhood and test the idea of “community”. It was created and realized while inside the ngo Critical Thinking. The project received a support from the Heinrich-Böll Foundation in Ukraine, as well as got a “green light” from the city administration. It can be seen as a test and experiment with a prototype of 1:1 scale that has been implemented in the existing open space which used to be a place for public gatherings and open cinema evenings during the Soviet Union. Unfortunately, during the 90s most of the metal frame structures have been robbed and exchanged for money by unknown. Today, you still can find a block of concrete and two rows of benches. The 2000’s brought some market economy in the face of kiosks selling beers, snacks and bread. During the day the space belongs to kids from a nearby playground and in the evenings the benches are occupied by people enjoying beer and ice-cream. Also it’s located just next to one of the inner pedestrian routs for the locals, bringing them from the bus station […]
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