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Informal architect

We met a teenager in the street of the informal settlement of industrial area Noida. He was 13 years old. The kid could read a paragraph in English, but not able to understand the meaning. For communication we used Google-translator. English-Hindi, Hindi-English. He knew very well how to read and type on his mother tongue Hindi. Through observations, one can easily see the presence of the basic knowledge of the local community in Noida. Most of them were focused on the primary needs for survival. People knew how to make a shelter, get an access to water, how to grow&sell food, make and stitch cloth, give a first aid assistance. This knowledge was passed from parents to children without the need for any formal institution. One can also find that here kids are working together with their parents in order to ┬źsufficiently┬╗ maintain family income [even despite the law in India prohibits it]. Such life circumstances are raising the question for the young: Why should I go to the school? The government provides a system of the free access to the public education using extra benefits like lunch, free shoes, and uniform, even bicycles for the girls etc.. At the […]
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